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  • by Infinity Lab


A streetwear staple has always been the logo flip. A parody where you take your logo or the log of a well known brand and Turn it into something new. Whether it's a new phrase or slight change to the design. It's basically an unofficial collab in some cases. Think to some of your favourite streetwear designs. There's a least 1 or 2 good logo flips. 


For our new Infinity 89 tee we wanted to make a tee with based on the Leave Your Mark Logo Hoodies. We just didn't want it to be the logo by itself. For the tee we wanted it to have an old school meets new school rock star vibe. Vintage loook with a fresh feel. First thing that came to mind was Kid Cudi. Can't think of anyone else that embodies that look more than him. 

While doing research for another piece we happened to stumble onto the Summer movie classic Batman. Now I was 7 when that movie came out, but if there was one thing it it did to was leave a mark. Not just on me but the world. You could not escape the Bat-signal that summer, it was everywhere. On T-Shirts, Bus Stops, Fast Food cups and of course the toys. 

After seeing that we thought that needs to be our Leave Your Mark Tee. Which we renamed Infinity 89. 


We went through a few mock ups and concepts. Do we go with the a shiny graphic or give it a vintage worn in look? The final we settled on was what we were thinking of in the first place. A vintage look with a new fresh vibe. We really like how this turned out. Now should it go on a thousand different items like hats, mugs, key chains and more??? We'll leave that up for you to decide. 

Shop Infinity 89 Tee HERE.


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