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What is the Infinity Lab?

The Infinity Lab is an always evolving retail concept store streetwear store focusing on designs and products from Canadian Designers. 

It is many things, a platform to give exposure to all of the creatives producing great fashion, art, products and more coming out of Canada. A website that is your source to stay up to date with what is going on in the world of Canadian Streetwear.  A retail store for people to discover new creative talent and find great products. We not only want to sell goods. We want to tell the stories  behind the creators and their designs.

We launched in 2019 with a 4 day Pop-Up experience that included 6 brands from the Toronto Area. The experiment was to help brands have a physical space outside of their online stores. Instead of brands having competing pop-ups, markets and events. We decided to have a small group of brands in one space to give customers a unique shopping experience. Give people an opportunity to experience these brands offline as opposed to online. We wanted to make a space where people can come and experience everything they see on social media and the internet and interact with peers.

Who is Behind the Lab?

The Infinity Lab was started by two long time friends Christian Bortey and Taurean Scotland. We have been working in fashion, retail and marketing for over a decade combined. We felt this was the next step in our careers. 

The Infinity Lab was meant to be used in Physical spaces. 2020 made us have to adjust our plans and now the Infinity Lab will be both an online and offline platform for designers.  

What’s Next

Because Infinity Lab can be whatever we want it to be to tell the stories we want. The possibilities are endless. For now it’s about adding more designers, artists and creatives to this platform. Telling more stories and continuing to evolve and move with the times.