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  • by Christian Bortey


Back in 2018 Will Smith Sat down with the guys from Rap Radar for their Podcast. The interview covers a wide range of topics from Will's illustrious career, his family life and life lessons, he's learned throughout life. One of the lessons that really stuck with me was "Happiness is Peace Not Pleasure".


Design Inspiration

G.K. Chesterton said, “Meaninglessness comes not from being weary of pain, but from being weary of pleasure.” I think Will Smith understood that very well. We all think we want pleasure, but peace is more important because it’s not something that’s fleeting. It can live inside of you for as long as you want. It’s internal. Pleasure on the other hand is totally external and isn’t always up to you, and is usually momentary. I wanted this design to encourage people to pursue peace inside themselves, and also with each other.


Bonus, it's not just Will, it runs in the family, Jada believes in the same philosophy. 

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