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We ask different people the same 5 question around a certain topic to get their take. 
There are a few things most of the world can agree on, one of those things we would put in that category is we all love a nice pair of sneakers. Doesn't have to be fancy or ultra limited. It just needs to work for you, get you from A to B, look good and be comfortable. To celebrate our recent release of Spoonr's Sneaker prints. We asked him and Montreal based artist Ju to take part in this installment of Take 5 all about, sneakers. 


What's your go to everyday pair?
Currently they are a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lows. Classic, looks good with absolutely everything and suits my hella nerdy style.

What is your most prized pair?
The sneaker that started it all. A Christmas gift from my big brother (@MisterQMart). Nike SB Spider-Man Dunk Mids.

What is your sneaker grail?
The holiest of grails for me is the Nike SB Paris Dunk Lows.

What is one Sneaker you'll never wear?
Please refer to previous sentence question. If we're talking about the shoes that I own? I am a firm believer of wearing everything. Otherwise what's the point?

If you could collab with a brand and make your own colourway of a shoe what shoe would you do?
I would absolutely team up with Nike for an SB Dunk Low. With my history with sneakers, that'd be the dream collaboration.



What's your go to everyday pair?
Go-to pair when it's not snowy out: It's a tie between the Air Max 1 x atmos Elephant or the Air Jordan 1 Lance Mountain White. Depends on what I'm wearing that day!  

What is your most prized pair?
My most prized pair has got to be the Air Max 1 atmos Elephant. They've been grails since its original release and I worked really hard to pay resell on its re-release. It's probably the most I paid for a pair of sneakers.

What is your sneaker grail?
Anything Air Max 1 Parra and/or Patta. I'll never be able to afford any of the released colourways.

What is one Sneaker you'll never wear?
I wear all of them!

If you could collab with a brand and make your own colourway of a shoe what shoe would you do?
I don't know how out of the box I'm supposed to go with this question, but I'd love to collab with a food brand, maybe Spam since I eat so much of it. I'd probably choose the Air Max 1, a mostly blue upper, with hits of yellow, gum outsole, and Spam texture printed in the insoles. And instead of a hang tag, it's a tiny can of Spam. And of course, a yellow mini Swoosh on the toe!

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